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Most of the programs listed below are for residents of nations outside of North America. Several economical airpass programs are listed below.


Warning: The competition is fierce between discount airlines in this region and some incredible fares are being offered.  Please use the Discount Airline Locator to review offerings before committing to a Airpass program..


One World Air Pass


One World North America: This pass allows travel on the extensive network of American Airlines and a few of its regional partners, it can be a bargain if you are trying to travel to more remote areas of the United States but coverage in Canada is limited.


Star Alliance Air Pass


Star Alliance North America Pass: Air Canada, United Airlines, and US Air all participate in this program so there are very few destinations that are beyond reach.  Offers a good value to more exotic locations.


Sky Team Air Pass


Skyteam Alliance Pass: This group of airlines offers some routings that differ from the others but offer comparable value to the other major alliances.


All American Air Pass


All America Airpass: This site has started a unique air pass for travel primarily in South and Central America but some North American destinations are included. Based on a point system for distance traveled some destinations are bargains.  This program only available to residents of Europe, Australia, New Zealand South Africa, and Asia.

Horizon Air and Alaska Air Pass


Horizon and Alaska Airlines: allow unlimited travel on networks of both airlines for a reasonable price. Information not always available at site contact Alaska for more Info. More Info


US AIr - AmericaWest Air Pass


These two airlines have entered a merger agreement and details of the Air Pass they will be issuing are still in the planning stage. Call one of the airlines to see if  the program has been finalized.


Air Canada Air Pass


Air Canada: Offers several passes that offer great value including some programs that allow unlimited travel. More Info


Discount Airlines


Discount Airlines: This is a region where discount airlines service a great many destinations and more value may be received from these airlines. The link above will search to see which airlines service your destination.


Around the World Fares


Several Around the World fares offer extensive travel opportunities in this region. These fares are discussed in detail at the above link. You must cross both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean to use the programs but some allow many stops in North America.



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