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The Circle Pacific fare is a unique program permitting travel around the Pacific Rim in one general direction, usually flying a combination of two airlines for one all inclusive price. The fares are very similar to Around the World fares but travel is limited to destinations in the South Pacific and Asia although one pass does allow travel to limited destinations in South America. Circle Pacific fares are offered by many different vendors and each one has a unique set of rules.

Most Circle Pacific fares are only available to travelers starting their journey in one of the nations bordering the Pacific Ocean. New circle fares that allow travel from other regions to the pacific are covered in the Circle Region page of this site.

Recently several Asian carriers and one South Pacific airline have instituted Air Passes to this region which work much the same as Circle Pacific fares. They allow extensive travel in the region, are incredible bargains, and are discussed in detail in the Circle Pacific Airpass section of this page

Consolidated Circle Pacific Fares


Consolidators or ticket brokers offer some of the best value Circle Pacific fares. Combining one way fares of several airlines these companies are able to offer some of the most complete itineraries in the region.

How to Book

You will need to contact one of the many companies who offer this fare, some of the better companies advertise in this section. These fares tend to have different price structures from one season to another and each agent seems to offer a different itinerary.

This is a good fare to shop around: consolidators have different agreements with individual airlines and one agency may be able to offer a significantly better price than another.  We have found some of the larger agencies, (maybe because of sheer volume) offer the best prices. For more information about these fares please: use this link.

One World Circle Pacific Fare


One World Circle Pacific:  This is the only Circle Pacific Fare we know of that allows travel to South America. This fare is mileage based and has three different mileage levels starting at 22,000 miles. A 26,000 and 29,000 mile fare are also available. if you wish to incorporate South America in the journey you must use 29,000 mile level however. 


Travel must be in a circular direction with no backtracking.  Travel west of Thailand is not permitted.  You may use all the airlines of the One World alliance but, Cathay Pacific, American, Lan Chile, and Qantas are the only Carriers with service in the region.  A link to the rules is supplied.  One World Circle Pacific fare

Sample Itinerary: (Includes South American Option) Los Angeles Santiago, Chile Easter Island Tahiti Sydney Singapore Hong Kong Los Angeles




 First Class













More Rules

How to Book

This is a fairly straight forward procedure just call one of the Alliance members and they will be able to do the booking for you. You may also contact a travel agent but this is a very complicated booking and in some countries you may be charged for this service.

Star Alliance Circle Pacific Fare


Star Alliance Circle Pacific fare  is a new program of the very large Star Alliance group that allows for extensive travel in the Pacific rim.

The main features of the Airfare include:

bulletA circular trip around the Pacific Ocean, limited by a maximum mileage of 22,000 or 26,000 miles.
bulletAirfare is available in First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. 
bulletTravel must originate and terminate in the same country, which must to be one of the following: Australia, Brunei, Canada or USA, China, Cambodia, Cook Islands, Fiji, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Philippines, Western Samoa, Singapore, Tahiti, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, Vietnam. 
bulletFor travel to/from/via the USA or Canada, only the following cities may be included in your itinerary: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Vancouver. 
bulletThe Airfare is valid on most flights operated by Star Alliance member airlines Air Canada, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai, United Airlines and Varig serving the countries mentioned above. 
bulletThe ticket has to be purchased 7 days in advance but reservations for many sectors of the journey may be changed during the itinerary (subject to certain restrictions). 
bulletAs long as the routing is not changed, most reservations may even be changed at any time (subject to certain restrictions

How to Book

Call one of the Alliance members listed above and they will be able to do the booking for you. You may also contact a travel agent who may be able to help but will in most countries charge for the service. This is a mileage fare, the mileage calculator is provided at the bottom of this page.

United Airlines

United Airlines: offers several circle Pacific fares in conjunction with a number of other airlines in addition to its' participation in the Star alliance fare listed above

United & Malaysia Air

This is a Circle Pacific one direction fare utilizing the combined route network of United and Malaysia airlines.  Four stops are included in base price and additional stops may be purchased for added fees. 

Sample Itinerary:  Los Angeles Tokyo Kuala Lumpur Sydney Auckland Los Angeles

Economy: $2,928     Business: $5,599       First $9,302

United  &  Qantas

Another Circle Pacific one direction fare utilizing the combined route network of United and Qantas airlines.  Four stops are included in base price and additional stops may be purchased for additional fees. 

Sample Itinerary:  Los Angeles Tokyo- Hong Kong Cairns Sydney Los Angeles

Economy: $3,727    Business: $6,136   First: $10,334

United  & Cathay Pacific

One more Circle Pacific one direction fare utilizing the combined route network of United and Cathay Pacific airlines.  Four stops are included in base price and additional stops may be purchased

Sample Itinerary:  Los Angeles - Tokyo Hong Kong Sydney Auckland Los Angeles

Economy: $3,727       Business: $6,136    First: $10,334

Singapore & Air New Zealand


Air New Zealand Singapore:  This is a mileage based fare with a maximum of 22,000 miles. A significant number of miles for this region and you are  permitted to purchase additional miles in 1,500 mile increments if you exceed the original base mile allotment  Some great itineraries around the Pacific Ocean are possible.

Sample 22,000 Itinerary:  Los Angeles Tahiti - Cook Islands Auckland Christchurch Sydney Singapore Hong Kong Taipei Tokyo Los Angeles

Economy: $2,600   Business: $4,325    First Class: $5,900

Circle Pacific Airpass Programs

The following Air Pass Programs are an alternative to Circle Pacific fares.  A few offer unlimited travel in the region for a specific period of time.  The time limit depends on the program but they do offer a great value as compared to other programs. For more information on Asia or South Pacific Air Pass programs use the Air Pass Information tab at the top of this page

SkyTeam Asia Air Pass


SkyTeam Asia AirPass: (PDF Doc.) This is the newest airpass program we know of and the most versatile in that it allows travel to 21 countries in both Asia and the South Pacific. Many of the destinations serviced by this group are unique to this air pass only.  To view more rules please use this link.


Cathay Pacific All Asia Pass

The Cathay Pacific All Asia Air Pass is one of the most distinguished bargains in the Airline Industry.  For $1,099 travel to eighteen different destinations in Asia and this pass includes a round trip ticket from either New York or Los Angeles to Hong Kong.  The journey must be completed within 21 days but extensions up to 90 days are available for additional fees.

The destinations you may visit for the basic price are Bangkok, Cebu, Denpasar (Bali), Fukuoka, Jakarta, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Nagoya, Osaka, Penang, Sapporo, Seoul, Singapore, Surabaya, Taipei, Tokyo and the home of Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong.

If these are not enough, you may visit even more cities, including Bombay, Colombo, Shanghai, Hanoi,  Ho Chi Minh City and assorted destinations in Australia, but additional fees are required to visit these cities. 

There are many restrictions involved with this fare however, and you should review the above link to make yourself aware.  Cathay Pacific is one of the best regarded airlines in the world.

Access Asia Pass

Access Asia: Malaysia Airlines has refined the Access Asia Pass for 2005 to allow a stopover in Stockholm, Sweden, if your are starting your journey in New York.  This pass allows travel throughout the Asian continent.  For the basic $1,099 fare you receive round trip travel from Los Angeles or Newark to Asia and can travel to any of 22 cities on the Asian continent. The cities you may visit for the basic fare are:



  Bandar Seri Begawan
  Yangon (Rangoon)
  Phnom Penh
  Siem Reap
  Bali (Denpasar)
  Kota Kinabalu
  Kuala Lumpur



Taipei (Included to/from Los Angeles only)  or

Stockholm (Included to/from Newark only)

Round trip from Los Angeles or Newark gateways. Access Asia Pass is available only to North American residents and is priced starting at USD $1,099.00 per person. Applicable local taxes and fees are additional and will be assessed at the time of ticket issuance. The number of seats allocated at this rate are limited and may not be available on all flights.

Additional Tools


Mileage calculator: This is a great link to determine mileages between principal cities

Airline Schedules: For detailed schedule information of the airlines participating in these programs please use the above link.

Airline Route Maps: For detailed route network maps of the primary airlines in this group use this link.



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